Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping

Information & practical information

On Tårup Strand Camping you will find many facilities / opportunities:

In addition to the 140 accommodation pitches, 100 seasonal pitches and 6 cabins are at the site:
Shop with everyday - modern service buildings - playground - bouncy cushion - bathing bridge - pentaque pitch - beach volleyball - table tennis - football - boat facility - dwarf goats - fireplace - kitchens - disabled toilet - family bath - baby changing


    in connection with your stay at Tårup Strand Camping found below - click on the items you are seeking information about.

    Vehicles must not be placed closer than 1.5 meters from the boundary / fodraft, this is to obtain a fire safety distance of 3 meters between vehicles. If an accident occurs, there are around the pitch located extinguishing material. The center of the pitch is where number sitting.

    from vehicles must be collected in covered containers and empty the chemical toilet.
  • Shop +

    open from pm.08: 00 pm. 18: 00. There are dinner closure between the hours. 12:00 pm. 14:00.
  • Gate +

    is locked at the property. 23:00 pm. 06:30, and will be opened only in case of emergency.
  • Gate access card +

    is personal and may only be used for your car. Lost gate access card costs 100, - kr.
  • GUESTS +

    Please inquire at reception on arrival, no guests after hours. 23:00. There must be quiet on the site yet. 23:00 pm. 06:30. Parking on the guest parking.
  • DRIVING ON campsite +

    must occur at a very low pace and kept to a minimum. Parking must happen on its own pitch.
  • Dogs +

    are very welcome at Tårup Strand Camping - BUT KEEP IN ROPE INSIDE THE campsite.

    must take place in the campsite clean fish area

    is not allowed inside the service buildings and cottages. Please use the ashtrays, which are located throughout by service buildings.
  • Phone +

    Tårup Strand Camping: +45 2582 1696 / +45 6537 1199

    before 12:00. Remember gate access card.
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