Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping
Tårup Strand Camping

News from Tårup Strand Camping 2019

Keep track of what happens during the season at the campsite ...

August 08, 2019

Look here!
Danish Veteran Car Club arrives at Tårup Strand Camping on August 21, approx. pm. 19th


July 21, 2019


June 28, 2019

Then came a new bouncer and it was approved by the two fresh children ...

Ny hoppepude

June 26, 2019:

Grill aften

June 13, 2019:

Sct Hans aften

May 01, 2019


April 28, 2019


April 18, 2019

Happy Easter!
We look forward to seeing you at Tårup Strand Camping.

Dorte and Ulrich

Happy Easter

April 6, 2019

Play Petanque - with a view
The Petanque course is newly renovated to perhaps Denmark's best, and certainly with Denmark's best sea view ...

See you at Tårup Strand Camping
Dorte and Ulrich

Play Petanque - with a view

05 April 2019:

Tårup Strand Camping opens today.
The flags are hoisted and the sun is shining.
We welcome all our guests.
Dorte and Ulrich


March 23, 2019:

If you haven't booked a season space yet, then come to Tårup Strand Camping.
Today d. 23/3, we opened the gate for our seasonal guests, who were very busy around the place in good weather.


January 28, 2019:

Holiday apartment at Tårup Strand Camping.

It is now possible to rent a beautiful holiday apartment at Tårup Strand Camping. The apartment is located above the campsite's service building with a direct view of the Great Belt and the bridge. Here is a short distance to service buildings, toilets, shop and reception.

The holiday apartment contains max. 6 people and rented for min. 4 days. Prices are stated in the campsite's pricing policy.

Holiday apartment

January 2, 2019:

Winter Sales

Save Dkr 1,000 in a seasonal pitch.
Come and choose a pitch before February 14, 2019.
The offer - a total of 5 pitch - cannot be combined with other offers.

Tårup Strand Camping

Vintertilbud fra Tårup Strand camping

December 26, 2018:

We wish you all a Happy New Year.
We look forward to a good camping season in 2019.

Best regards
Dorte and Ulrich

Godt Nytår

December 11, 2018:

Dear guests at Tårup Strand Camping
We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a good New Year.
We thank you for a great season 2018 and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Best wishes
Dorte and Ulrich

PS. You are most welcome to come by with your Christmas tree when Christmas is over - the goats will be really happy

Glædelig Jul

October 14, 2018

Today the cows traveled home from Tårup Strand Camping for the winter ...

October 14, 2018 Today the cows traveled home from Tårup Strand Camping for the winter ...

September 23, 2018:

The last campers have traveled, the campsite is empty.
We thank all our guests for a really good season.
Again in 2019.

Dorte and Ulrich


29. August 2018:

We keep lan party on September 1st 12:00 to 2 September at 12:00.
Tårup Strand Camping
Lersey All 25
5871 Frørup
Bring game fun
Regards Oliver / Matty


24. August 2018:

Thank you for the year 2018 and see you in 2019
Let's meet and eat a bit of biksemad
Friday, September 21st. 18:00
Price: 80 kr.
Registration and payment no later than Wednesday
September 17th at the reception / shop

Yours sincerely


15. August 2018

Defibrillator ...
Now security in order again, we've got our defibrillator after use d. 3.8.
Fortunately, no one had cardiac arrest for the last twelve days.
Hope, of course, that it will not be used again, but it's good it's in the closet next to the shop door.

Dorte and Ulrich


10. July 2018

Turn from the motorway at Nyborg - drive through the old royal city of Nyborg - across the dam at Lillestrand - past Holckenhavn Castle - further 8 km. out in the beautiful East Funen landscape - turn left towards the small active village of Tårup - and follow the signs to one of Østfyns good campsites. :)

Tårup Strand Camping
Family camping when it's best ...

By the way, we fly again over East Funen on the 11th and 18th and 25th of July. and 1st and 8th of August. All days between 14 and 16.

Hvordan komme til Tårup Strand Camping


3. July 2018:

See all this a little above - another great summer offer at Tårup Strand Camping...



2. July 2018:

I am at Tårup Strand Camping and provide treatments in your place.
In July, Saturday / Sundays d.14.15 and 21.22 again 28.29
and in august saturday / sunday d.4,5 and 11,12.
Make an appointment with me on tel. +45 3082 8493 preferably sms.

Helle Sofie Thorvøe

Massage og Zoneterapi på Tårup Strand Camping


 28. june 2018:

Extra offers at Tårup Strand Camping in July ...

Gade og Juul smykker


 Tupperware demonstration på Tårup Strand Camping


24. June 2018:

A good summer offer from Tårup Strand Camping.
Dorthe and Ulrich

Sommertilbud fra Tårup Strand Camping


23. June 2018:

Midsummer event at Tårup Strand Camping.Sct. Hans på Tårup Strand Camping


20. June 2018:

Thank you for a nice and nice visit of 29 cars from DVK Broby Funen.
See you
Dorte and Ulrich

DVK Broby Fyn besøger Tårup Strand Camping


16. June 2018:

Look here!
Dansk Veteranbil Klub arrives at Tårup Strand Camping d. June 20th. 19th

Veteranbilklub gæster Tårup Strand Camping


12. June 2018:

Now two new hotels have been built at Tårup Strand Camping - for bell frogs.
The new frog hotels will help the frogs to overwinter at the campsite.

Frøhoteller på Tårup Strand Camping


7. June 2018:

New potatoes

Look inside the store :-)
We have freshly dug potatoes from Rosilde Højgård.

See you later
Tårup Strand Camping

Nye kartofler på Tårup Strand camping


27. May 2018:

Look here!
Flea market at Tårup Strand Camping Saturday June 2 at. 10-15.

Loppemarked på Tårup Strand camping


25. May 2018:

Day of play for the children at Tårup Strand Camping

Legedag på Tårup Strand Camping


23. May 2018:

Creative days at Tårup Strand Camping

Kreadage på Tårup Strand Camping


20. May 2018:

Pinse sun over Tårup Strand Camping.
Everyone wants a really good Pinse.
Dorte and Ulrich

Pinse på Tårup Strand Camping


4. April 2018:

Seasonal opening 2018
Welcome to Tårup Strand Camping - On Friday 6th of April we will open the doors and open the gate for a new season.
We look forward to seeing you all again - both former and new guests ..
Dorte and Ulrich

Sæsonåbning på Tårup Strand Camping


7. March 2018:

Winter Greetings from Tårup Strand Camping.
In a month, start the new season - there's a little to do before before, as seen - we hope that nature helps a little bit ...

See you later
Dorte and Ulrich

Vinterhilsen fra Tårup Strand Camping


1. January 2018:

We wish you all a Happy New Year 2018.
Dorte and Ulrich - Tårup Strand Camping

Godt Nytår fra Tårup Strand Camping



Tårup Strand Camping


Member of DK-camp.
Cooperate with FDM and ACSI Eurocampings


Dorte and Ulrich Hansen welcomes you to Tårup Strand Camping